I’m Vinicius Sueiro — minimalist designer & web developer


I currently lead a team of talented people in projects that combine data, design and web development at Estadão, a major Brazilian newspaper. Our goal is to turn complex datasets into compelling stories for our users.

Before that, I was a designer at Central, a tiny agency with huge clients, where I worked directly with Warner Bros., Via Varejo, Ecovias & Veja.

I also love science, vegan food & climbing, even though I just started practicing it…

The projects featured on this site cover both company & personal work, as well as my graduate project at University of São Paulo


Even though I’m learning new things everyday, I feel very comfortable dealing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. More recently I’ve also been playing with Git, Node, Bash and Python – specially Pandas – for data processing.

On the design side, Illustrator is my go-to app for 80% of the work and Photoshop comes second. I’m also getting to know Sketch App better.

Beyond any technical expertise, I believe it’s our duty as designers to make people’s lives easier.

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